Covid-19 - October 29, 2020

How to boost your immune system during Covid-19 and the winter months

Covid-19 - October 29, 2020

With the winter months rapidly approaching in the midst of the Covid-19 Pandemic, it is vital that we do everything we can to keep our immune system in top shape to fend off coronavirus and the flu. But how can we do this?

What is the immune system?

First of all, let's clarify what the immune system is. The immune system protects our bodies from harmful substances, cell changes and germs that could make us sick. Cells, proteins and various organs make up the immune system, and without one we would have no way to fight off harmful things that enter our body from the outside or harmful changes that can happen on the inside.

Due to the immune system being made of many parts, it technically cannot be boosted, but can be strengthened to act more smoothly and keep diseases away more efficiently.

Here are some of the steps you can take and start today to prevent Covid-19 and other illnesses this winter:

You should aim for a BMI of 25 or lower, while maintaining a healthy weight through a well balanced diet and exercise.

Drinking alcohol only in moderation

Both men and women should have no more than 14 units of alcohol a week - which is the equivalent of six pints of beer or seven glasses of wine.

Exercising regularly

Exercise should be undertaken for at least 150 minutes per week - but not too intense.


Not just any sleep, quality sleep that kept to a routine and stuck too.


A well balanced diet that consists of fruits and vegetables is vital in maintaining a healthy immune system.


Find ways to keep stress to a minimum, such as practicing mindfulness and reading.

Quit smoking

Quitting smoking improves circulation, lowers inflammation, and increases oxygen levels, and by doing so boosts the immune system.

Changing your lifestyle helps your immune system

You can also boost your immune system by taking supplements in addition to lifestyle and behavioural changes. Such as:

Vitamin D

This can reduce the risk of colds and flu, and recent studies have suggested that vitamin D deficiencies relate to a higher chance of becoming seriously ill from Covid-19.

Vitamin C

Increasing your vitamin C intake helps to prevent bacterial, viral, and other infections.

Vitamin A

Vitamin A can help support the body's ability to fight infections including those that are respiratory.


Helps to reduce the risk of common cold and reduce the number of infections.

It is important to stay healthy and positive during the next few months, and make sure that you and those around you are safe during the current coronavirus pandemic. By taking every precaution to improve and boost our immune systems we are helping in reducing the chance of becoming sick and hopefully taking some strain off the NHS during the busy winter months.

You can also keep yourself, you loved ones and other members of the public safe by getting tested for Covid-19 today. Qured offers at-home Covid-19 PCR tests that can tell you if you have the virus whether you are asymptomatic or not. 

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