Test to Release - December 15, 2020

Everything you need to know about Test to Release

Test to Release - December 15, 2020

From needing a negative PCR test to enter a country, to having to quarantine on arrival, there’s no doubt that Covid-19 has changed the way that we travel. Travellers returning to England have especially been affected, with a standard 10-day self-isolation period when returning from countries with a high infection level. As of 15 December, the ‘Test to Release’ scheme has launched, meaning all travellers arriving into England from a non-empt country can reduce their quarantine if they produce a negative test result after 5 days of quarantine. We’ve put together a guide to Test to Release, and how you can exit quarantine earlier with Qured, the market leaders in Covid-19 testing.

What is Test to Release?

It was announced that from 15 December, passengers arriving into England from countries who aren’t on the government’s travel corridors list of countries with a low Covid-19 infection rate can exit their self-isolation early on return to the country. By taking a PCR test 5 days after arrival, individuals can leave quarantine and return to their day-to-day life as soon as the result is back - assuming it’s negative of course!

Why is Test to Release so important?

The introduction of the ‘Test to Release’ scheme is seen as a huge boost for international travel, reassuring passengers that they can isolate for a shorter period of time on their return to England if they test negative for Covid-19. Until the scheme was announced, the majority of travellers to England had to self-isolate unless they were travelling from a country that was part of a travel corridor with England. The ‘Test to Release’ program will run in parallel with the travel corridors, so if you are travelling from a country not on the list, you can cut your self-isolation period and return to your place of work or daily activities quicker.

How does Test to Release work?

In order to take part in ‘Test to Release’, the government requires that you book your Covid-19 test prior to your return to the country. This is because you will have to fill out a passenger locator form, and include the name of the approved testing provider in order for the scheme to operate. If you don’t book your test before your return flight, you’ll have to resubmit your passenger locator form and your early exit from isolation will be delayed. Once you’ve done that and returned to the country, you must self-isolate as normal for 5 days.

On the 5th full day of self-isolation, take your PCR swab test and return it to the laboratory using the method your provider has chosen. You’ll need to continue self-isolating until your results are through and they’re negative. Once they’re done, you’re free to resume your day-to-day life. If you test positive, you must continue to self-isolate for 10 days from the date you took your test, in line with government guidelines.

How can Qured help me with Test to Release?

As one of the country’s leading Covid-19 testing providers, we’re working with the UK government to take part in this scheme and help you exit quarantine early.

Follow our easy steps below and travel safely!

  • Book your Qured Test to Release kit before you arrive in England.

  • Record test details on your Passenger Locator Form. We will send you all the information you need to include.

  • Self swab. We’ll send the test kit to your chosen address 5 days after arrival, for you to swab and return.

    • Post your sample straight to our lab with our free next day delivery, or use our same day courier service to get your results even sooner.

    • If you prefer a Qured healthcare professional to swab you, you can book a home visit and they’ll take care of sending the sample to the lab.

  • Quick results. Your test result will be available within 24 hours from when the test reaches the lab.

    • If your result is negative you can exit quarantine and get back to doing the things you love, sooner.

    • If your result is positive, we’ll report it to Track and Trace and book you in for a free follow-up phone consultation with a GP, who can offer expert clinical advice.

Book with Qured today and cut your self-isolation.

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