Lateral Flow Testing - February 02, 2021

Lateral Flow Testing - Controlling Coronavirus in your Workplace

Lateral Flow Testing - February 02, 2021

Lateral flow testing has been introduced to enable mass Covid-19 testing. For businesses, it allows workplaces to efficiently detect and contain coronavirus within their workforce. Your employees will have peace of mind when returning to the office and you can ensure the safety of all staff when they are in the office.

What is lateral flow Covid-19 testing?

Lateral flow tests use a lateral flow diagnostic device to confirm the presence or absence of Covid-19 in a sample. Most commonly, lateral flow devices are used in pregnancy tests. Lateral flow tests are also known as rapid tests due to their fast results turnaround.

The tests used by Qured consist of a nose and/or throat swab to transfer the sample onto a lateral flow cassette (the device that measures whether coronavirus is present in the sample). Within 20-30 minutes, the device will show whether the patient is positive or negative for the virus. Occasionally, some results can be ‘inconclusive’ due to a poor sample. These results are viewed on the lateral flow device through the presence of one or two lines. At the time of writing, rapid testing must be verified by a trained professional.

Benefits of Covid-19 rapid testing

There are multiple benefits of testing employee populations with lateral flow tests. The primary benefit of using rapid tests comes from a cost perspective; rapid tests do not need to be analysed by a laboratory meaning the price is significantly lower than a PCR test. This can help businesses of every nature provide testing for their employees once they can reopen.

As continued working from home takes its toll on employee mental health, often due to isolation and stress, allowing teams to return to the office will be of utmost importance to many businesses, allowing their employees to return to a sense of normality.

As suggested by the name, rapid tests are quick and can reduce the time spent making sure individuals are Covid-free, whilst still being accurate and reliable. Results are released within 20-30 minutes, which is significantly quicker in comparison to PCR tests, which usually take between 24 - 72 hours depending on the provider. This short wait for results allows your staff to start their day knowing they have had a negative result prior to working.

When workplaces have the access to affordable testing for employees, they can be assured that their workforce is safe from the virus and know that they are doing their utmost to contain the virus, whilst remaining open for business.

How to test your workforce for Covid-19

Qured will manage your testing programme from the first introduction through to your last test. We have created a cohesive and clinically excellent rapid testing plan, allowing for small and large clinics in the workplace, anywhere in the country. The Qured Corporate team can facilitate up to 25 tests per hour per testing operative and provides testing management with tailored results reporting. Recurrent clinics are recommended for those who are in the office to ensure continued safety.

We have experience of working with vast amounts of companies, from industries including media, elite sport, financial and production. Additionally, we are a government approved provider of Covid-19 tests.

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Our corporate team can assist with any questions you may have about lateral flow testing, and help you plan to safely get your team back into the workplace. To find out more, send an email to and a member of our team will be in touch.

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