Rapid Antigen Testing - March 01, 2021

Introducing our 20 minute rapid Covid-19 test!

Rapid Antigen Testing - March 01, 2021

We're bringing new levels of convenience and accessibility to our patients with the launch of our rapid lateral flow Covid-19 test, which gives results in just 20 minutes. Our expertly trained Health Advisors will provide step-by-step guidance via video call to ensure that you take the test correctly and receive a valid result. Read on and learn how it works and why you'll need one.

What is a lateral flow test?

Lateral flow testing is an established rapid diagnostic method adapted to check for 'antigens' when a person has Covid-19. Lateral flow is useful for finding out if a person is currently infectious and may be transmitting the virus to others.

A lateral flow test kit is a small cassette that consists of a well for dispensing the sample and a window for reading results. The enclosed test strip will develop visible lines depending on the presence or absence of Covid-19.

How do I take a lateral flow test?

Like the PCR test, a sample is taken from around the tonsils and from the nose. This sampling method is known as a nasopharyngeal swab.

The swab is immersed in a solution and is then dripped into the lateral flow device, producing a reaction to create a result. You can read the results accurately from the test device 20 minutes after mixing the sample with the lateral flow test.

How does the process work?

You can order your test online and choose from a variety of delivery options. We'll ask you to schedule a video call with one of our Health Advisors, where you'll take the test under their supervision. They've been through extensive training to make sure everything goes smoothly, and of course, to answer any questions you may have. Twenty minutes after mixing the sample with the test device, you'll have a readable result. Follow the guidance to send it to our results team, and shortly after, you'll receive an official result!

Wait, I've heard lateral flow tests aren't accurate?

When overseen by a professional Health Advisor, the tests have sensitivity and specificity rates comparable to PCR tests.

The tests have also passed stringent requirements set by Public Health England.

Why would I need a lateral flow test?

We've created our lateral flow test to provide lower-cost and accurate Covid-19 testing for peace of mind and travel. If you're returning to the UK from abroad, you'll need to take a Covid-19 test before departing. With Qured, you can order your kit ahead of time and take it with you on your trip, helping to avoid the stress of testing abroad.

Our rapid test is also perfect for peace of mind testing. As the country starts to open up gradually, the convenience of lateral flow testing means that you can take a test before seeing a loved-one or restarting socialising and be safe in the knowledge that you're Covid-safe.

Order your Covid-19 Rapid Test and get accurate results in just 20 minutes. From £39, next-day-delivery included.

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