Returning to England - March 04, 2021

British Airways choose Qured to provide Rapid Covid-19 tests to take abroad

Returning to England - March 04, 2021

We are happy to announce that we are providing British Airways with remote lateral flow device testing for travellers returning to the UK. This will enable travellers to present a negative Covid-19 test result prior to re-entry to the country - aiding the national effort to keep our Covid-19 levels low.

This will give travellers peace of mind about their upcoming and future travel plans, knowing that they will be able to gain re-entry into the country seamlessly. The rapid at-home test kits are ultra-convenient and can be ordered to any UK address so that travellers can avoid the stress of sourcing a pre-departure test whilst abroad. Designed to be portable, customers can take the kits with them abroad in preparation for their return journey to the UK.

The simple test involves a self-administered nose and throat swab, observed by a Health Adviser over a video call. Results are available within 20 minutes, and the customer is provided with a ‘fit-to-fly’ certificate if the test is negative.

British Airways’ CEO Sean Doyle said: “Our teams were pleased to discover Qured, a unique new option which removes uncertainty and unnecessary expense for customers who may be concerned about sourcing a pre-departure test while away from home.”

Qured’s CEO Alexander Templeton, said: “Our accessible rapid testing service takes the hassle out of finding a test abroad. As a trusted healthcare provider, we look forward to delivering an exceptional patient experience to British Airways’ customers and to working with them on a safe return to travel.”

Qured have been a leading provider of Covid-19 tests since the beginning of the pandemic, helping countless patients to continue with their travel plans safely. Our recent launch of the remote rapid test product is an exciting step for Qured, showcasing our desire to be at the forefront of health and technology.

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