Covid-19 Travel - April 14, 2021

You can now upload your Qured test results to VeriFLY!

Covid-19 Travel - April 14, 2021

Use VeriFLY to show your Qured test results.

The requirement to produce a negative Covid-19 test result or Fit-to-Fly certificate to enter most countries is particularly cumbersome for travellers. Although travel tests are now reasonably accessible, the format varies across providers, and there is no clear standard to follow. However, as most countries consider some form of digital health passport, the idea of allowing travellers to upload and show their results on an app easily has been very well received. So, with that in mind, Qured is pleased to announce that our results and travel certificates are now accepted by VeriFLY, the smarter digital health passport. Read on to find out how VeriFLY works and how it can make showing your Qured test results easier.

What is VeriFLY, and why should I use it?

British Airways, American Airlines and other airlines use VeriFLY to speed up the test documentation verification process at check-in. The app provides peace of mind before travel by checking customers to meet their destination’s entry requirements by providing digital health document verification and confirming eligibility. VeriFLY also has the functionality to upload the documents for up to nine other people travelling with you, perfect for families or those without a smartphone.

How does it work?

Download VeriFLY on your smartphone and create a profile. The VeriFLY app will prompt you to confirm the details of your trip, including flight information, a negative Covid-19 test that fulfils your travel destination's requirements, and any required documentation. As you verify each required element for travel, the app verifies that your test matches your destination country's requirements and displays a simple pass or fail message. You should use VeriFLY before arriving at the airport or as soon as you have your Fit-to-Fly results to ensure there are no issues at the airport, and you can check-in with ease. This simple message will help streamline the check-in and document verification process at the airport before your departure.

Can I use VeriFLY with Qured?

Yes, our travel certificates and results are accepted by VeriFLY. When your Qured test results are available, you can download the documents and upload them into the VeriFLY app. We think it’s a great digital solution to help travellers provide proof of results around the world.

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