Covid-19 Travel - March 11, 2022

The Complete Guide to Travel Testing

Covid-19 Travel - March 11, 2022

In light of the success of the vaccine rollout in the UK and other countries around the world, international travel has and will continue to become more accessible and straightforward. 

Latest Covid-19 testing rules for vaccinated travellers

In February, the UK government dropped pre-departure lateral flow tests and Day 2 tests for vaccinated travellers returning to the UK. As a result, vaccinated travellers (with an approved vaccine) no longer need to take any tests before or after arriving in the UK! 

Latest Covid-19 testing rules for unvaccinated travellers

It is worth noting that passengers who aren’t recognised as being fully vaccinated with authorised vaccines under England’s international travel rules will still have to take a pre-departure test and a Day 2 PCR test. However, they no longer need to self-isolate for ten days upon returning from abroad under the new travel rules. The changes to these rules mean that Day 8 PCR tests and Day 5 Test to Release tests are no longer required.

Going abroad - Covid-19 Fit to Fly tests

There’s no doubt that travelling abroad from the UK is now a lot easier than it was, even as recently as summer 2021. Many countries have dropped quarantine requirements and loosened testing regimes, with some going as far as allowing fully-vaccinated UK travellers to enter without a test. Paired with the shift in rules for returning to the UK, it’s clear that travelling is now close to ‘normal’. 

Many countries are now accepting antigen tests as well as PCR tests. This is in stark contrast to when international travel first returned in summer 2020, where most destinations only considered PCR tests to be valid.

Fit to Fly antigen tests are quick, affordable and easy to use. The USA, for example, allows fully vaccinated travellers to enter with an antigen test, as long as it is video proctored/supervised or administered by a professional. Another example is Australia, which in February 2022 opened its borders to fully vaccinated travellers, subject to a negative Covid-19 test result from an antigen test that must be professionally administered or video supervised.

As a result of these flexible and simple new rules, Qured has been able to help thousands of travellers get to the USA or Australia with ease. Our antigen test for Australia and the USA is observed by a Health Advisor via a 10 minute video call. Official results and Fit to Fly certificates are provided within 2 hours after uploading an image of your test cassette, making it one of the quickest and easiest ways to take a test for travelling to Australia or the USA.

Covid-19 testing rules recap

Returning to the UK

  • No tests or quarantine for vaccinated travellers

  • No quarantine for unvaccinated travellers, but pre-departure antigen and Day 2 PCR test required

Travelling abroad

  • Much easier, due to countries relaxing quarantine rules and accepting antigen tests

  • USA, Australia and some other destinations require video observed antigen tests

  • PCR tests are not required in many countries now, but some such as Thailand, mandate this type of test

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