Covid-19 Travel - February 10, 2022

Essentials to take on holiday with your kids

Covid-19 Travel - February 10, 2022

With half term almost here and families prepping to set off on their holidays, we thought it would be good to give you a rundown of the top items to take with you to ensure your kids are safe. For many of our customers, this half term may be the first time they have been away in a couple of years. 

Keeping clean

To start off your packing list, some of the most important items are those to keep your little ones clean whilst away. Our top recommendations are pocket wet wipes for sticky fingers. These will come in handy after any dinners out and ice-cream treats as well as any accidents. Hand sanitiser is always a must-have, especially for beach holidays! 

Keeping safe

The last thing anyone wants when on holiday is any illness or accidents. Unfortunately, it is not always possible to prevent these. Our top choices would be some children's paracetamol, such as Calpol, if any of your little ones catch any bugs. Some rehydration medicine, such as Dioralyte, may also come in use if anyone, adults and kids alike, come down with a sickness bug. 

If you are heading to a hot destination, it would be worthwhile packing a handheld fan so overheated children can still get a nice breeze. Make sure you have access to something that creates shade, like a parasol, for any days spent at the beach or the pool. Sunhats and sunglasses are also a must. Ensure you have plenty of sunscreen with both a high SPF rating and 5 star UVA and UVB. Take more than you think you will need, it is best to have a top-up every two hours. Suncream will also be useful for anyone hitting the alps this half term. 

Finally, on the safety side, get yourself a travel first aid kit so you are prepared for any bumps and accidents. These are easy to pick up at pharmacies and online and can really come in handy. Ideally, yours should include:

  • Wound dressings

  • Tweezers

  • Instant Ice Pack

  • Sterile Cleansing Wipes

  • Plasters

  • Blister Plasters 

  • Bandage

  • Eyewash 

  • Microporous Tape

  • Burn Gel 

  • Gloves

  • First Aid Guide

  • Heat Retaining Foil Blanket

Keeping entertained

Holidays can include a lot of time sitting in one place, which as we all know, can be a challenge for children. It is best to come prepared with a plethora of toys and activities - however these don’t need to be bulky. The best items include colour books and pens, portable video games, books, and travel games. If your flight doesn’t include onboard entertainment, make sure you have enough content downloaded on your tablet, iPad or mobile phone. These should keep you covered and your kids entertained so you can get down to relaxing and enjoying your holiday!

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