Terms and Conditions for Covid-19 Tests

1. What these terms cover.

These terms cover any testing services or test kits supplied in relation to Covid-19, including but not limited to Covid-19 PCR tests, antigen tests and antibody tests.

2. Our Website.

We make reasonable efforts to ensure that the content on our site is complete, accurate, and up-to-date. We do not, however, make any representation, warranties or guarantees (whether expressed or implied) that the content on our site constitutes advice on which you should rely. We recommend you to take professional or specialist advice before taking any action relating to the planning or delivery of your diagnosis, treatment or care.

3. Your Order

3.1. You promise that all information that you supply to us in connection with your order is accurate and not misleading and that you will tell us if there are any important changes. We take no responsibility for incorrect information on any forms, certificates or results notifications if that information has been supplied by you.

3.2. We may offer discount codes from time to time. Such codes may only be applied to purchases made through the account in respect of which the discount code was offered and registered and are not transferable or redeemable for cash. Unless otherwise stated: codes (a) are only available for future new orders placed online; (b) cannot be used retrospectively; (c) can only be redeemed once per customer; and (d) may expire at any time at our discretion. You cannot use more than one discount code per transaction unless we state otherwise; if we do so, the order in which the codes are to be applied shall be in our sole discretion.

3.3. We reserve the right to reject any discount code if we consider that it is being used in breach of these terms. Discount codes are subject to any additional specific terms and conditions which are specified at the point of issue. We reserve the right to discontinue or otherwise modify any discount codes at any time without prior notice.

4. Delivery and Administration of Test Kits

4.1. Delivery is only to the postcodes or other locations mentioned on our site and is otherwise subject to any restrictions we have explained.

4.2. We aim to send you the test kit so that it arrives during the time slot we have specified. We aren’t responsible for delays in delivery (a) if due to circumstances beyond our reasonable control and where we could not have taken reasonable steps to deal with the delay or (b) if you haven’t given us adequate delivery instructions. 

4.3. For courier or practitioner administered bookings, it is your responsibility to ensure that you and the other people for whom you book tests are all present at your specified location during the time slot and in a position to promptly administer the tests. The courier is entitled to leave without the completed kits if within 10 minutes of the courier’s delivery of the test there is either no answer or you have failed to administer the tests and to return the completed kits to the courier.  In this case you may arrange to return your tests to the lab at your own cost. 

4.4. If you are collecting your own sample, it is your responsibility to follow carefully any written and video instructions which we provide to you.  We take no responsibility for any test failure due to incorrect or insufficient sample.

5. Test Results

5.1. We will take reasonable steps to email or text you that your test results and certificates are available on your patient profile within the agreed timescale as set out on our website.  It is your responsibility to contact us promptly if you have not received notification of your results within the expected period. We take no responsibility for early or late test results other than as set out in the Refunds and Cancellations section below.

5.2. You acknowledge that, as with any medical test, 100% accuracy of our tests cannot be guaranteed. For example, there is always a risk of either a “false positive” or a “false negative” test result. Also, there is a risk that the test will not cover a new Covid-19 variant. Accordingly, we are not legally responsible for incorrect test results and you rely on the test results at your own risk.

5.3. We do not take any responsibility or offer any refunds for inconclusive or void test results, including void results due to failure of the test kit that we provide.  We may in our discretion offer replacement tests in these cases.

5.4. You acknowledge that in the event that your Covid-19 test has a positive result then, as is required by law pursuant to the Public Health (Control of Disease) Act 1984 and the Health Protection (Notification) Regulations 2010, your test result and personal details, which may include your name, date of birth, gender, home address, telephone number, NHS number, occupation, place of work, ethnicity and the fact that you have tested positive for COVID 19 must be communicated to Public Health England, either directly or by any laboratory that we subcontract.

5.5. You understand that we or any laboratory that we subcontract will be unable to erase your test results, which are required as evidence of clinical practice.

5.6. If your test is processed by a subcontracted laboratory you understand that you have authorised us to order your test on your behalf, and we will be responsible for receiving your results and communicating them to you.

5.7. You understand that your Covid-19 test is to be used for screening purposes only as a convenient and confidential way of getting tested quickly for a Covid-19 infection. The results are not intended to replace medical advice, nor should they be used as a full diagnosis, or to prescribe medication without consulting an appropriate medical professional. You may book a free consultation with a Qured GP if medical advice is required following a positive test.

6. Refunds and Cancellations
6.1. If you change your mind, you may cancel your order by contacting us by phone or email. We offer a full refund if your order is cancelled before the following deadlines:

(i) courier bookings may be cancelled up to 16:30 the day before delivery.
(ii) standard and expedited shipping bookings may be cancelled if not yet dispatched.

6.2. For all tests not cancelled in accordance with 6.1 above, you may cancel your test within 14 days of delivery and we will refund you minus a 25% administration charge. Your test kit must be unused, unopened and returned to Qured. We require proof of postage, which you must send to our support team along with your refund request.

Please return your unused test kit to:

Attention: Returns
3rd Floor West
22-25 Eastcastle Street
London, W1W 8DF

6.3 In the rare event you receive a test that is not complete or faulty, you are entitled to a full refund or a replacement. Replacements will be dispatched via our Expedited Shipping option. If you notice your test is incomplete or faulty, please contact us as soon as possible to arrange your replacement.

6.4. We are unable to accept responsibility for delays or failures in delivery of the test kits to you or your return of the kits to the lab if caused by any service provider we have contracted (including, but not limited to Royal Mail, Amazon, DPD Group or Gophr couriers), over which we have no direct control. Additionally, we accept no responsibility for any losses, financial or otherwise, incurred by a delay or failure in delivery of the test kits.

6.5. If you have returned your sample to the lab for a PCR test, but a result has not been produced within the times listed below since the sample’s point of arrival at the lab, you are entitled to the following refund:

6.5.1. PCR tests with Standard/Expedited postal delivery

  • For results received more than 24 hours after check-in at the lab, a refund of 25%.

  • For results received more than 48 hours after check-in at the lab, a refund of 50%.

  • For results received more than 72 hours after check-in at the lab, a refund of 100%.

6.5.2 PCR test with motorcyle courier delivery

  • Same-day results on the day of swabbing is considered to be results returned before midnight on the day of swabbing.

  • For results received after midnight on the day of swabbing, but before midday the next day, a refund of 25%.

  • For results received after midday the next day, a refund of 50%.

  • For results received after 6pm the next day, a refund of 100%

7. Tests for Travel

7.1. It is your sole responsibility to determine what Covid-19 test you need for your travel destination, and when you need to take your test.  Any information we may provide in this regard to you over the phone, in writing or on our website is purely advisory and we take no responsibility for the accuracy or completeness of such information.

7.2. You acknowledge that you have made your own independent decision to travel during the Covid-19 pandemic and you are taking the risk that your travel plans may become delayed, cancelled or disrupted if you are not able to produce Covid-19 test results in a timely manner, or in the form required by your destination country.  You are strongly advised to take out travel insurance to cover such risk.

7.3. Subject to our Refunds and Cancellations policy above, we accept no responsibility or liability for any costs arising from any delay, disruption or cancellation of your travel plans directly or indirectly caused by the requirement to produce a negative Covid-19 test result or travel certificate, even if that delay was caused by us, our delivery service or any laboratory we may subcontract for testing. 

8. Tests Administered via Remote Consultation

8.1. You may reschedule your appointment at any time up to 24 hours prior to the appointment time you have booked.  Any later requests to reschedule an appointment may be rescheduled at our sole discretion. 

8.2. You are responsible for prompt attendance of your video consultation appointment at the time you have booked.  If you fail to attend a scheduled appointment, we may cancel your appointment without refund or may reschedule a new appointment at our sole discretion.

8.3. You are responsible to ensure that you have a sufficient internet connection and sufficient equipment (laptop or phone) with high quality camera, to effectively attend the video consultation and process test results.  We take no responsibility for failure to complete the video consultation due to above factors.

8.4. To enable us to perform the test diagnosis we may require you to produce and send or upload photos or videos of completed tests and identification documentation. You are responsible to ensure that any such photos or videos are in focus and of sufficient quality, contain the information required and are delivered in the time frame specified in our instructions.  We reserve the right to reject any media not meeting the above requirements and we take no responsibility for any failure to produce test results in these circumstances.

8.5 You understand that if you choose to take your LFD test without the remote supervision of a Health Advisor, you will not be entitled to a refund of the difference in price between the non-supervised and the supervised rapid test product.